Breaks and

Learn how to add narration breaks to your TalkingDeck video and what kinds of subtitles are available.

How to Add Narration Breaks and Subtitles

Adding Breaks

One of the important features which we think is of utmost importance is adding a break or a pause in the narration.

You need it when you want to add some silence to let the viewer concentrate on the screen content. Also, when you want to emphasize something in the narration.

In fact we use it quite often and you will certainly use it in many other cases as well.

Adding a break requires another tag – so called break tag.

You can see the example below – just as with previous tags, the tag name is followed by the tag value.


The tag value is the duration of the pause in seconds.

If you need a pause of less than a second or something that is not an integer value you can always use the decimal number for the duration.



TalkingDeck supports two types of subs.

First, you can use so called “hard subtitles”.

Hard subs are encoded, or burned directly into the video. When you watch the video, you have to see the hard subtitles, just as in our tutorial videos.

The other option is to embed the subtitles.

Embedded subtitles are added into the video file, and you can turn them on and off in your video player. Most of the players nowadays support this feature.

Finally, you can choose not to add subtitles at all.

Depending on your choice, your final video will be exported either with hard subs, embedded subs or without subtitles.