Switch Characters

Learn how to change presenter character modes and switch characters during your video.

How to Switch Characters

Character modes

Each TalkingDeck character has its name. You have met Harry, Barbara, Aliya and Diamond in our tutorial videos.

Below is the full list of characters with their names:

Also, you probably remember that each of the characters has two modes – torso and full body mode.

In order to switch between the character modes, you can use the name tag

When you want to set full body mode, you should use the value set to the character name – for example diamond


When you want to use the torso mode, you should use the name plus the keyword torso as the value of the tag – for example diamondtorso.


Removing characters

There will be cases when you want to keep the character off the screen while narration is still playing.

To remove the character, add the tag with the value set to “none” just as in the example below:

Hi, my name is [name:none] John Doe

To display the character again, just use the name tag with the tag value set to your character:


This example will make Diamond reappear in the torso only mode.

Switching characters

Not only that you can switch modes of the individual character or hide it – you can, also, switch characters in real time. While one character is on the screen, you can use the name tag with the name of another character.


It is questionable how practical this is, since the new character will use the same voice as the old one. But, it is good to know in case that you find the use for it.

Keep in mind that, currently, voices can not be changed using tags. Only characters can.