Adding Characters

Learn how to add your presenter characters and add sprite tags to your TalkingDeck videos.

How to Add Characters?

Presenter Characters

In order to select the desired presenter character, you can always click “Change Character” button, and the selection dialog will pop up.

You can either choose not to have a character in your video, or you can select one of available presenter characters. Each character has two variants – full body and torso only. You can freely switch between the variants of the same character during the video.

We will cover the ways to do this later in the tutorial.

Body Postures

Another interesting feature of TalkingDeck characters is that they can take one of 5 body postures. We call them sprites.

Sprite tag

You can easily change the current posture by adding sprite tags.

Here is an example of a sprite tag.


It consists of open square bracket, followed by the keyword “sprite” then colon and the desired, new value. The last character in the tag is closed square bracket.

In this case, using tag, we set sprite number to 3.

If you add the sprite tag to one of your speaker notes – you will notice that the character posture will change once the narration reaches the tag. Let’s say that our initial speaker note text was: “Hi, my name is John Doe”.

When we add sprite tag in the middle of the sentence, the character posture should change just after the word “is” is pronounced.

Hi, my name is [sprite:3] John Doe

All tags in TalkingDeck work this way. Once the narration reaches the position of the tag within the text, the tag will be applied.