Create Videos Using Google Slides

Turn your Google Slides or PowerPoint decks into narrated video. Add interest by using one of many animated characters!

Make A Video
With TalkingDeck Using:

Narration In
20+ Languages

One Of 12 Animated

Subtitles - Burned
Or Embedded

Turn Your Google Slides Into An Engaging Video

• Research has shown that short videos capture more attention and as a result induce more information retention than written materials.

• Video lectures, especially the slightly humorous ones are those that have a better recall later in time and should be considered as a valuable teaching medium.


Record lecture with Google Slides. Add narration (voice over) in 20+ languages and add an animated character of your choice. Your students will love to watch them!


Make an effective and persuasive video using Google Slides, add narration and an animated character to give face and voice to your cause.


Turn your Google Slides presentation into a video with voice over (narration) and add a charming character to add interest to your tutorial or explainer video.

Make An Attractive Video With TalkingDeck!

Draw more Views, Likes and Shares by creating a video everyone is going to watch. The easiest way to create a video clip is to turn your Google Slides presentation into a video with the help of TalkingDeck. The text from the speaker notes will be transformed into a voice over in any of 20+ languages you choose. Add a charming animated character whose lips will sync with voice over.

Want Your Audience To Stick Till The End?

Make a fun video using Google Slides. Record a video from your presentation with voice over and add an animated character to create an attention grabbing video. Add interest to your Google Slides presentation with audio narration and animated characters. Create interesting videos and make your audience stick till the end.

How It Works?

TalkingDeck Is Easy To Use And It Saves Both Money And Time!

Step 1

Make your Google slide presentation

Step 2

Add narration script to speaker notes

Step 3

Choose narration voice & animated character

Step 4

Export your video

Make Video Lectures, It's Easy With TalkingDeck!

If you feel hesitant to record a video of yourself, try TalkingDeck! Our animated characters will say the words and present your content instead of you. Turn your Google Slides presentation into an interesting video, it’s super easy to use!


01 Voice over in 20+ languages

02 12 animated narrators whose lips sync with narration

03 Subtitles to follow voice over, burned or embedded

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